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The main parents`responbilties toward their children

How to live happily with your children, Educating children is one of the greatest responsibilities of parents. Traditions cause harm and injustice by distinguishing males from females at home or granting complete freedom and confidence to the male and preventing him completely from the females. Raising children is mainly based on a good example. Whenever the son finds the right parents

As a model of religious and moral commitment, it automatically seeks to emulate this ideal model in the eyes of the son, and the sincere the intention of God Almighty.
Parents’ responsibility
A reason to do all the good and avoid all the ugly, familiar children of their fingernails to respect the kindness and kindness of young adults,

  • Providing assistance to those in need good thinking about others, tolerance, tolerance, generosity, and quality.
  • Introduce children and encourage them to pray at an early age to remain committed to it when they grow up; prayer is immunity from obscenity and torture.
  • Parents must teach ablution to children and transfer them to mosques or pray with them at home.
  • Warning children, especially boys, from youth gatherings where they play card games or board games, especially if this game is related to betting or gambling; preventing children from buying un-necessary pieces of stuff.
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