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How to handle anger management

Have you ever wondered? what is anger or what should you do to handle anger and what are the techniques, in this article, I am going to cover the main heading.
  • Defining the Nervousness and extra Nervousness
  •  Causes of Increased nervousness
  • Organic physical causes
  •  Psychological causes
  • Educational or social reasons
Nerve neural excess emotion too strong arise from feelings of multiple causes and vary severity from one individual to another; Some expressed mild alarm, and some expressed great anger or excessive nervousness, so the individual's understanding of its causes and how to deal with them, and express them in the right way, it helps people to get the right point and solve and end this problem.
The meaning of excess nervousness (excessive nervousness (or anger)) are a physiological stimulation and a group of emotional symptoms resulting from feeling frustrated, aiming to harm and punish the soul or others, and are accompanied by psychological and psychological manifestations. 

There are several reasons for feeling nervous and have several types:
Physical Causes perhaps is beyond the control of the individual and led to excess nervousness, here are some of reasons that we can consider that have a negative impact on this issue.
  • Malnutrition.
  • Iron deficiency in the body.
  • Some Sickness makes a person experience this issue like headache and cold…etc
  • Low blood sugar.
  • unusual grow and increase  of thyroid gland secretion
  • Physical fatigue.
  • hormonal conditions that related to women's menstruation.
Among the psychological causes of increased nervousness are the following:
  • Psychological disorders.
  • repeating of failure experiences and feeling failure and unsuccessful one in life.
  • Controversy abounds.
  • Foolish joke.
  • The deprivation and lack of the satisfaction of emotional dimensions  such as desires of love, affection and  sometimes even things that deal with materialistic like having an  interest in everything and everywhere.
Educational or social reasons

The educational and social dimensions have a big part in developing, increasing and the rising impact of the nervousness, include the following:
Lack of compatibility and an understanding between husbands.
Wrong and unaccepted theories, methods of education, for instance: excessive cruelty, or excessive significance.
one of the parents is nervous, or the teacher is nervous this has a negative impact on child nervousness’ 

Some parent do not play their roles as they should be, they do not provide an area of freedom and independence for their children, so they aren’t satisfying their children’ needs of love and emotionally interaction and kindness, why parents do not say to their (we love you, I love you (Why !!!!!)
So child when he sees his classmate how other parents deal with their sons, the child feels unloved by his parents.
Please pay attention to such behaviors, sometimes we are required to make things clear for our sons. 
A child's feeling of frustration or repeated deprivation during his childhood may make him nervous. Briefly, these are tips you would like to follow to handle anger

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