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7 Benefits of reading books

Have you ever thought to have a book as a friend, who is going to be always with you, I believe that having a book as a friend is better than having Man, books provide you how to think, to behave, how to interact with others, the books always provide information and ideas to the human being, so In this article, I am going to talk about the main benefits of reading.

benefits of reading books
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Motivating mind: Reading books is a sport of the mind. By reading, we maintain the strength and health of the mind. Reading contributes to enhancing the ability of the brain and protecting it from the symptoms of aging and future diseases of memory and impairments in brain function.

 Reducing stress and tension: Reading books is one of the fun activities that any individual can practice, as it is one of the best entertainment. Reading gives the reader an opportunity to get out of the pressures of daily life and integrate into the world of books from novels and stories, which gives the mind and body the comfort it needs.

Getting more sleep: Reading before bed is one of the methods used by many to get a restful sleep without worrying, because of many people suffer from difficulty sleeping, so reading for ten minutes before bed only under dim light helps to feel sleepy and wanting to sleep.

 Education and Culture: Reading books provide a free education and culture opportunity, with knowledge and knowledge of many topics that one wants to know, and it is an opportunity to learn less expensive compared to other traditional methods of attending educational programs, lessons, and classrooms.

 A better memory when reading books. if you are looking for how to improve memory, here is an example   One needs to remember many things from various events, personalities, dates, and details that need to be linked together. For this reason, reading gives the mind a better memory as it creates new points of entanglement in the brain that help to recall memory in the short term and stabilize its mood.

 Improving vocabulary: The more a person reads, the more his cognitive content increases from words and terms that he can benefit from in his daily life or at work, which gives him greater self-confidence and the ability to express and speak with others, which opens up many opportunities for him to develop himself professionally and obtain work promotions. So, it will be preferable for others to become aware of it, to be familiar with many arts and sciences, and to acquire other languages.

Improve imagination and Creative thinking: reading empowers imagination and creative thinking, as we know imagination is a tool of creating events, situations and imagine what comes next, so more you read more you improve your imagination and creative thinking.

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