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Autism signs spectrum disorder symptoms

If we know why the autistic child is acting  with autism, we can have a clear vision in  how to deal with him so in this article I am going to talk about Definition of Autism, autism spectrum disorder symptoms, early signs of autism, different types of autism, and what is autism a disability?

It is a disability that impedes the development of social skills and verbal communication Nonverbal, creative and imaginative gameplay. Hence To 75% of people with autism have learning difficulties Accompanying the case.
1:Weakness or impotence in communication
2:Inability to interact
3: Abnormal behaviors
early signs of autism or signs of autism in toddler or in children  or the problem of autism that we face with autistics are:
 1:lack of Communication
2: Eating
3:Less of  Interaction

4:Sleep routine

5:Stereotypical behavior

6:Abnormal behavior

7:Resistance to change

8:Sensual arousal

9:temper tantrums

10:Aggression and abuse

obsessive behavior  Obsessive or repetitive stereotypical behaviors, including:
1: OBSESSIVE behavior controls the child and determines a child and dominates on all his time.
  2:The autistic child focuses heavily on Ritual obsessions that make That behavior is clearly odd.

3:It often begins with minor problems in the cradle of childhood. Parents make no effort to stop this behavior.

 4: Activity increases and becomes noticeable when the child gets older and he becomes more annoying.
when we analyze we find that autism is a disability which can be shown through  The involvement and focus of an autistic child in obsessive and stereotypical behavior  that makes  him forget the essential activities such as:
1/Eating and drinking
2/going to the bathroom
3/Inability to sleep
4/Neglecting personal health
5/ other commitments

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