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Healthy and pleasant breakfast offers for children

Tired of always preparing the same dishes for your child for the most important and enjoyable meal of the day? Then take a look at the healthy and cheerful children's breakfast recipes that we have prepared to facilitate your work and please your child's stomach with pleasure! Enjoy your meal in advance!
Let's learn first: 
What is the importance of breakfast?
Breakfast is the first meal of the day which makes it very essential and important for kids, adults, and olds.
While sleeping, after a fasting period of around 8-10 hours, your child needs to get enough glucose, protein, calcium, and vitamins. 
Since all these nutrients are effective for your child's health, you need to choose the first bites to reach your stomach.
If you do not eat breakfast in the morning, you may see problems with your child as follows:

  1. After a long period of fasting, blood sugar drops.
  2. Especially if he/ She is more than two years old, his energy is lost and slow.
  3. She has learning difficulties.
  4. Grow again.     
  5. Get sick more quickly.
  6. He/She gets tired very quickly.
  7. He /She suffers from a lack of attention
  8. Since he / She will be very hungry in the following hours, he can gain a disproportionate weight due to feeding to bread and pastries instead of a nutritious breakfast.
Several studies show that children who eat breakfast:

  1. More successful in their lessons,
  2. It has the energy that lasts longer,
  3. More carefully,
  4. Your blood sugar is always constant,
  5. More social,
  6. Understand what is being learned more quickly.
  7. Therefore, children between the ages of games and school must have a good breakfast.
The child may not like eating breakfast, but the biggest reason is that he does not like the breakfast dishes you serve him! Let's change our course and take a look at our recipes to make sure your child enjoys breakfast and gives this habit in a fun way.

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