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How to transform your habits to good habits for a better life

Have you lost your daily, or you do not plan anymore, or you do not have even a dream, so Sudden things do not change your life radically, at most times, however, simple habits don't cost so much that they can make a big difference in your life, they will transform your habits to good habits for a better life! 

On Friday, the American magazine "Forbes" reviewed a lot of simples habits that will change the course of a person's life within a year or two, but only if that begins immediately and at an escalating pace. Among these habits are:
1. Write a single paragraph: whether you plan to publish a book and prepare a business plan or just write a post on networks, make sure to write several sentences on a daily basis, and try to write them manually, and over time you will find yourself writing quickly and without stress, but you must keep the first step, which is the daily paragraph.
2. Be more responsive: If someone sends a message to you, quickly respond to it. This will ensure that no backlog is required. Whenever you are able, reply to important messages in the email.
3. Communication more: You may not receive positive signals from others when you try to open a dialogue with them, you will not lose anything and you will eventually, get a response, and you are likely to win a lot.
4. Verify your bank account: This may sound strange to some, at least once a day, but it keeps you informed of exactly what you have money and where you go, which helps you control expenses.
5. Be less interactive: If you are exposed to things that annoy you or anger you, try to avoid them, as they will waste a lot of your energy. A brief moment of silence between exposure to stress and your reaction will change your perception of things and spare you many predicaments.
6. Meet the needs of the body: In the end, you are not a machine. Your body deserves some care and attention, so when you feel hungry, eat some food and rest when you are tired at work while ignoring the basic needs of the body means placing it on the edge of the abyss.
7. The rule of the five seconds: What restrains people is those few seconds, between finding an idea and when your brain intervenes to flush it out. In order to advance in your life, you need to work on ideas before the mind persuades you later of its uselessness.
8. Read more: Reading books is useful, but it may take time and require money. Well, you can read newspaper articles or follow up on some of the ideas published by some writers on the networks.
9. Drink another cup of water: Health experts talk about the importance of drinking 8 glasses of water a day, but some people apologize for adhering to this rule. The best thing is to focus on drinking one cup a day, and when you become part of your daily routine, more can be added.
10. Share your thoughts constantly and clearly: Having ideas is great, but it will go unheeded if you are not able to express it, or come up with a plan of action that allows you to implement it, so it is better to share it with others.

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