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13 Instructions for how to be happy

If you have been looking for how to be happy, you must have read a lot of articles, and books, but you still haven’t found what right content is for you.

As a person choosing to be happy, it is a blessing moment you are here, it’s our duty, to ensure that you get exactly what you desire.

In this article, we’re going to explore the many ways that will lead you to be a happy person. Let’s make the point more clear for you, how long have you been unhappy, and is it 1 year or 2 years or maybe more. It is time to regain your happiness again.

There are many steps which you can read that talk about lifestyle and happiness, but let’s tell you the truth if you aren’t reasonable man, don’t carry on reading the following article.
Here your steps in which you will find your treatment to be happy again.

1: Getting up early:

·        Let’s talk about the benefits of getting early in the mooring,

·        It increases activity and vitality, because the cortisone responsible for human activity is activated in the morning.
·        Provides people with more of happiness, and makes the soul more optimistic and upbeat,
·        Increase productivity at work, it strengthens a person and gives him the power to focus and concentrates on his or her work. Achieve his goals. more able to focus on.
·        Soothes and relaxes nerves,  the morning, is the quietest and most comfortable time in the day.
·        It increases the blessing of the day, so that it will be possible to do a lot of work and activities during it before it ends.
·        It activates memory; that mind tolerance is best in the morning time.

2: Sleeping early at night

Sleeping early at night is a way to success and happiness, here some useful tips that provide.

o   Sleeping quietly and comfortably away from annoying sounds during the day, where studies have shown that sleeping for 6 hours at night is equivalent to sleeping for 8 hours in terms of rest and calm.

o   Enhancing human immune activity, because sleeping at night increases the body's ability to flush out pathogens and toxins from the body by 50%.

o   Regulating blood sugar. Studies have proven that sleep at night adjusts the levels of sugar in the body by 40% in people who sleep for at least 7 hours a day at night, compared to people who sleep 8 hours a day during the day.

o   Maintaining the beauty of the body, as sleeping at night maintains the skin supple, healthy, tight, and free of scars, as it delays the appearance of wrinkles and signs of aging.

o   Increasing human focus, activity, vitality, and interaction for the next day.

o   Reaching the appropriate weight, as the body during sleep works to get rid of toxins and fats in the body provided that the person does not eat fatty meals right before bed.

o   Increased brain capacity to preserve. Relaxing muscles and bones.

3: Reading Books/stories

Let talk about the benefits of reading books  is one of the main steps that lead to being a happy person, we can’t account the majority benefits of reading because it is a lot, let’s just summarize some.

 Reading improves man brains and thinking,  Reading provides a person with criticism and, analyzing evaluating situations

  Makes a person think reasonable instead of emotionally thanks to this help person to be satisfied with his soul and increase the chances to be a happy person.

  Reading considers is the sport of the mind, reading maintains the strength and the health of the mind.

4: taking a shower everyday

Taking a shower in the morning is one of the things should be in your schedule if you want to be a happy person, let’s have a look at what are the benefits of daily a shower.

    Improving human mood and mood, and reducing negative feelings that are represented by anxiety, tension, depression, fear, etc., because it stimulates the flow of blood circulation in the body, and works to relax nerves, especially if the water is warm tends to overheat, based on many recent studies and research.

   Treating sleep disturbances and insomnia which is represented by the inability to sleep immediately, or interrupted sleep and frequent waking during the night, which results in a continuous feeling of fatigue, exhaustion, and fatigue during the day, thus affecting the ability to perform daily tasks and duties, as showering relaxes nerves and sends calm and tranquility In the breath and the body, it is indicated that it is advised to drink a cup of hot milk after bathing for a better result.

       Bathing in the morning refreshes the body and it is like drinking a cup of coffee or a cup of tea, in addition to refreshing the body and getting rid of feeling sleepy, so it is advised to shower before heading to work or university early in the morning.

 Treating muscle pain, many people may feel muscle pain or spasms due to frequent exercise, or due to rapid movements, or as a result of receiving a strong blow, or wrong sleeping and other reasons, as bathing with lukewarm water will relax the muscles the body will get rid of this problem.

  Softening the body and giving it vitality and freshness, because bathing helps get rid of dead skin cells and scales on the face and body, but it is indicated that it is necessary to keep away from hot water, as it increases this problem and pulls moisture from the body, where the water must be warm. Click here are the benefits of cold showers,

5: doing/Practicing sport every day

Practicing or doing sport every day makes the person be more active and refresh, it boosts memory makes the soul more comfortable, here some benefits of practicing sport.

 When you get sick and have mental  or physical problems you pay a visit to the hospital  , The first thing the doctor recommends after treatment is exercise, to strengthen and build muscle that will keep the joints from being damaged.

The sport provides hormones of happiness, such as the androgen hormone, which is considered the best treatment for depression and the best medicine, especially if practiced for thirty minutes a day; the mood will improve two hours after the exercise.

 Lack of movement can harm human health and may cause an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, lungs congestion, and obstruction of the airways, as well as decreased muscle size and decreased flexibility, increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes, metabolic disorders, and increased stress hormones, Thinning and osteoporosis, weak immune system, and obesity.
6: Watch movies

Watch some kind of movies make you a happy person, some type of funny movies, for instance, Mr., Bean makes you laugh even if you are sad.

7: Dancing

 Dancing helps improve mood, get rid of negative feelings, express life, and thus feel happy, as practicing any type of dance fulfills the purpose. Let’s talk about some physical and psychological dance benefits.  Dancing helps reduce tension, build-up, and stress.

  It gives a high sense of happiness and confidence, and improves a person's skills in effective communication and communication with his body, thus improving his mood and psychology.

The health benefits are summarized in increasing the energy of the body, as it gives the body absolute vitality.

It develops weakly muscles help to relieve the thighs and tightens the buttocks beautifully, It stimulates blood circulation in the body and increases the flow of adrenaline in the body.

8: Hang out with friends

Hanging with friends is one of the things that successful people do, so you do not try to date girlfriend, and then ask her out, go to cinema, park…..etc.

9: A healthy lifestyle helps

Healthy lifestyle help in achieving happiness, because bad habits negatively affect life; Like smoking, laziness too, and so forth Lighter a lot of time watching television, for these reasons you stay away from happiness.

 Try to be an attractive person, eat healthy food, put on new clothes if you can, or clean clothes, this helps to grape people’s attention and build a good relationship with themtype here for the lifestyle.

10: Have a loyal friend

Sometimes we need loyal friends, not money, not materialistic, we need honesty and loyalty in our friends, to share with them our current matter, to ask them for their opinions about some type of issue, that’ why you should have a loyal friend.

11: Create positive memories

 Each area of ​​the brain can be strengthened and strengthened through practice and training, where a good brain can remember the negative things that happen; therefore it may be useful to strengthen the areas of the brain responsible for remembering the positive things in order to achieve happiness.

12: work hard
You need to work hard in every field, for example, if you want to learn a new language, it requires hard working, which will be at the end very helpful for you, to be a happy person, how is that!

You can communicate, interact with others from different countries, then you can build relations with others, you can visit them visa versa, you can even do business with them.

13:Love/ don’t hate

Love yourself and love things that are healthy such as healthy food, healthy drinks, healthy habits, and love others even if they different from you, don’t hate yourself, just try to break the bad habits and change yourself.

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