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kid with autism Diagnoses and symptoms

Before knowing how to deal with autism child and autism test child, we have to understand what is autism and what are diagnosis and symptoms of autism, so  In this the article you are going to have a clear idea about.
  • What is autism?
  • Diagnose and symptoms?
  • The signs of the autism spectrum?
What is autism? Diagnoses and symptoms the signs of autism spectrum

What is autism?

Autism is a comprehensive term for a group of disorders that affect a person's nervous and motor development. Complete Diagnosis of autism in childhood and symptoms must be present before the patient reaches the age of three years until the diagnosis is made accurately.
There is a wide range of symptoms that can indicate the presence of autism, Including abnormal social development, difficulty in communicating, and other symptoms.
Treatment focuses to reduce the child's social and cognitive deficit to the greatest extent possible through education and upbringing programs Own social. In some cases, some medications aimed at reducing symptoms are prescribed.

Diagnoses and symptoms 

A kid with autism is a disorder in growth that leads to problems in social, linguistic, and visual communication.
The ability to interact with others. People with this condition show monotonous, stereotypical interests.
Quiet movements and repetitive actions. There is no clear cause for most cases of a kid with autism and some are due to An imbalance in the nervous system, a genetic cause, or environmental factors. Symptoms such as non-responsiveness appear With others, impaired language ability in the first years of a child's life In the absence of an almost complete lack of official statistics, cases of autism remain unknown in the mysteries of a country undergoing Medical negligence. Global studies have shown that if behavioral treatments are applied correctly, they are capable of Significantly improving the condition of the child. Therefore, early detection and effective treatment improve their condition Significantly autistically.

the signs of autism spectrum

  • Weak verbal skills
  • Not merging with others
  • Reduces routine change
  • Not aware of the dangers 
  • Inappropriate crying or laughter
  • It does not communicate visually
  • Strange touch of people
  • Using games in a different way
  • Hyperactivity
  • Excessive sensitivity to sounds  Or lack of touch

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