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the tips well being about self-discipline course

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the idea, plan, action

Self- discipline definition

Self-discipline means restraint and the ability to avoid excessive and unhealthy use of anything that may lead to negative consequences and negative results, so Self-discipline provides you the ability to face difficulties, conditions, self-discipline is knowledge and plans which can be used as a tool to have high trust in yourself, therefore with Having this perseverance skill gets your decisions and plans to be done.

Real examples of self-discipline

One of the most successful people in Korea, Dr. Seung Yang Parker, Chairman of Kyouno Corporation and founder of Asiana Airlines. His father started the road as a taxi driver and decided to expand so he bought the car he was working on and then bought another car.

When he began to fulfill his dreams, his company and his dreams expanded until he built a huge fortune until the government confiscated all his possessions, which was during the Korean War, and then the man died shortly after that.
the idea, planning, strategy , success: 
Dr. Parker saw what happened to his father, so he decided to buy a car and him himself would work on it as a driver, then he bought a second car and allocated it to one of the family members to work on it, and he remained like this in investing his profits until he formed an economic empire, then he decided to start a new adventure.
He bought a bus so that he could help more people faster, and his business flourished until he built another empire through his convoy of buses, and he moved and progressed from success to greater success until he expanded his entry into the aviation field and the fact that Asians Airlines incurred hugely losses People advised him to leave this field for fear that he would lose everything, but he ignored this advice and continued his project, and after many obstacles, setbacks and huge financial losses, he transformed the situation.

 Asiana has become one of the most profitable companies generating revenue in excess of $ 20 million annually. In an interview with the famous TV news station (CNN), Parker was asked about the secret of his success, and his response was (honesty and discipline.

 This is an example of a man who seemed out of nothing and became a great wealthy man because of the dedication of his life to reaching his goals and also because of his honesty and discipline.

Analyzing dimensions of self-discipline through example

 If we analyze this person’s position, we find that he was not lacking any possibilities. Money was not an obstacle to achieving his dream, as evidence that he spent a lot on methods presented in the market at that time in addition to having had enough time to implement his plan, what was he lacking in particular?

 Having the discipline had made him in the right way to achieve his goal.  Our focus is on his treatment steps on discipline, self-thought which helped him to implement his strategic plan and achieve it in small steps that mainly depended on continuity in implementation and discipline, and helped him to develop his positive position which ultimately led him to achieve his goal ...etc.
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The main concepts about self-discipline

The examples illustrate the extent of commitment, the first is committed to eliminating himself, and the second is committed to wasting his power!!

We are always disciplined, but many use this discipline to form negative habits on the thought. While we find successful people use the power of personal discipline to improve their lives to live a happier life and to improve their incomes and height with their standard of health and life in an integrated way, without discipline, we would have no energy to achieve any goal.

By self-discipline, you will be able to continue with an exercise and thus maintain physical fitness, and you will control your emotions under any circumstances, Self-discipline will help you change programming that limits your daily-life.

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