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the best tips for how to get rid of bad habits in 2020

Do you still wonder why you can't get rid of your bad habits or how to break the bad habits, but you still in a progressing of doing bad habits, you want to stop addictions? So here in this article, The problem solved how to get rid of bad habits, you want to transform your habits into good habits for a better life. so keep reading 
The first thing a person must do to get rid of bad habits is to actually decide that, then prepare a list of all the positive things associated with leaving those habits; For example, if there is a desire to lose excess weight, a person can perceive himself as thin and look beautiful in anything he wears. 

There are two ways to start working to get rid of bad habits, the first is that action is taken to achieve the larger goal It is to get rid of bad habit once and for all Everyone is quick, and the owner of this method can exercise running daily, for example, to get rid of excess weight, while others prefer to start modifying negative behaviors gradually and slowly, but with continuous work towards the goal, for example, it is planned to practice walking at a rate of three days per week.

Awareness of the problem The person should be more aware of the problems facing him, and this means that he realizes the reasons that led to his bad habits first, then he tries to avoid them, and to do this all bad habits can be written and then analyze them to note the factors that motivate them such as anxiety or boredom for example, or a list can be written Positively The negative aspects of that habit and seeing it when there is a desire to do it. 
Changing the surrounding environment over time, bad habits merge with the place in which it is practiced; thus the environment is a type of incentive that drives a person to do a certain habit, for example, that A person smokes as soon as he enters the entrance to the office building, so the latter is for him a catalytic mental sign of smoking behavior. 

Getting the necessary support Some people have trouble leaving bad habits, in which case it is possible to resort to other people to obtain the necessary support,
such as Family, friends, moderators, Teachers, mentors, and others, can also participate in groups that aim to get rid of those habits to get greater stimulation.

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