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The useful tips for self-improvement’ stages and personal growth in 2020

In this article, I am going to cover the main stages of self-improvement and personality, which make person, know his or her errors and mistakes that lead him to personal growth and development, overcome and success thanks to self-improvement.
The useful tips for self-improvement’ stages and  personal growth in 2020
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We ensure that you will discover useful tips about personal growth and development stages of self-development, and you will have a clearly understood about how your personality’s development.


 What is personality?

What are the main Stages of Self- development?

How to develop self- improvement, and personality?


A personality is the total entity of a person that results from the decisions he made throughout his life, and from the experiences he was exposed to,

There are many natural factors that affect personality formation, such as the surrounding environment, genes, in addition to inherited factors, and personality and the stages of its development has been studied by many scientists, including Jean Piaget, Sigmund Freud, and we will introduce in this article the stages of character self- development at Erik.

Stages of Self- improvement

1: The crisis of trust extends from birth until 18 months: this stage is called the crisis of trust in exchange for lack of confidence, and the child here accounts on others to feed him, to provide him with comfort, and to provide him with a feeling of warmth, and if these needs are not met, the child will not develop the necessary confidence in order to harmonize with The world around it.

2: Independence crisis extends from 18 months to 3 years: it is known as the stage of the crisis of autonomy in exchange for guilt and suspicion, and here the child learns to stand on his feet, walk without feeling shy about his behavior or doubt his developmental capabilities.

3: Efficiency crisis extends from 5 years to 13 years: it is known as the competency crisis versus inferiority, and when the child is in school, he is able to make things, use tools, and acquire skills for puberty, and when the child fails to control lessons, and prove competence, he is vulnerable to feeling uncomfortable Efficiency.

4: Identity crisis extends from 13 years to 21 years: this stage is known as the identity crisis in exchange for the confusion of the role, and here the person must decide what it will be, and what he wants to achieve in his life, if he succeeds he will come out of this stage with a strong identity, and is ready to plan for the future, but if not He succeeds and becomes unable to make decisions.

How to self- develop and personality?

The concept of personal development means working to develop and acquire skills and behaviors that make the individuals satisfied with themselves and their lives, and that would lead the individual to overcome success and inner-self-peace.

1: Self-knowledge: It is self-evident that before any development of the knowledge of the personality and the soul is fully undertaken, it is necessary to start thinking about the personality, analyze its features, and identify the strengths and weaknesses, without being ashamed of faults and work to fix them. If a person can achieve positive thoughts in his mind, this will increase his self-confidence, and many changes and fluctuations in life require a positive outlook to search for the bright side and focus on Good things to contribute to self-development.

2: Meeting new people: Building relations with others differ people over the world, and interact with them, reading about their cultures, advancements is one amazing things which may help the person to develop his personality in a positive way and open the horizons for him to accept others.

3: Reading and developing interests: A person with few interests cannot develop his personality. Knowing modern things and reading continuously will rid the person of boring and routine appearance, so sharing with others new information develops the character.

4: Listening well: Most people listen to the talk of others in order to respond to them and not to listen for the purpose of understanding, as a good listener who aims to understand others is one of the most worthy and respectable personalities, and for this must maintain communication and show interest in others ’talk, which will lead to increasing the knowledge of people in a correct way and thus develop the character, And the way to deal with others.

5: Helping Others: Helping others and meeting their needs develops their personality. Random and gentle actions bring pleasure in the hearts of others and make the persona the more joyful person, which will increase the strength of the personality as well.

5: Body language:  Body language is considered a form of verbal social communication because of it reveals a lot of a person’s personality, and also helps others to build their exact deductions from the person he talks to, Body language includes the way to walk, speak, and eat. Therefore, these aspects must be developed for character development, such as: walking in an erect position, straight shoulders without curvature, and maintaining visual contact while talking to others.

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