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8 Benefits of bedtime story short

little child  reads for himself  bedtime story
little child  reads for himself  bedtime story 

We have grown up since childhood to hear a bedtime story short that has helped to weave our imagination and we have a great cultural heritage about the values, ethics, and principles that were contained in many of those stories and this is one of the most important benefits of child care.

1.    Reading a child's short stories as part of a bedtime routine calm his mind at the end of a busy day, which makes him sleep better according to the Book Trust Foundation.

2.    Reading a bedtime story makes the child happy. A 2015 survey found that 83% of children enjoyed reading the story aloud, and 68% of them confirmed that they enjoyed spending special time with their parents while reading stories. Here some bedtime story for 9 years old child.

3.    Reading books allow children to engage in a conversation with parents and express their opinions and ask their questions, which makes children able to learn the meanings of things more deeply, increase vocabulary and improve spelling and spelling, because they see how things are spelled while they are spoken in the daily stories that they read. If you interested in bedtime stories for toddlers check  here.

4.    Reading every night is a great way for parents to spend time and communicate with them without distractions.

5.    When children are exposed to reading at an early age while parents encourage them, they love books and are more likely to continue reading as they get older.

6.    Reading to children fosters imagination and creativity, they are creative in nature, but when they are introduced to all these strange characters and stories contained in books, their imagination, and creativity increases. Reading also improves their narrative skills, which helps them in school through the essay writing or comprehension skills.

7.    Because reading is a mentally stimulating exercise, it improves your child's cognitive skills, leading to better performance in school after that.

8.    Reading various and different stories make children able to know life better, which helps to increase sympathy and understanding in this world. Books also open new worlds, countries, cultures, lifestyles, and adventures that a child may never know.

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