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The mind and heart are the core of happiness

 Family feels the core of happiness, but unfortunately , child becomes teen , his behaviors changed. He starts making his parents , and family in general unhappy because of actions he takes. Parents, teens asking and looking for the answers  how to be happy? Is happiness choice? Can money make me happy person or does money buys happiness? 
Man and woman sit beside each other on the ground  look so happy ,

So in this article , I am going to answer the following question and provide enough information and ideas about them. 

I: How to be happy person?

We ensure with following these tips you will find what you have been looking for.


You can be happy person , simply by living with simplicity , make everything in your life simple, don't try to do something that you aren't able to do it, for example don't borrow money for the purpose to buy a new and expensive clothes, or don't barrow money to buy a car, just gather some money and buy bike, don't hurt yourself, and put yourself in complex situations , which drive you to bad conditions and can find more Here.

2:Breaking the bad habits

Breaking the bad habits, means change your daily-routine to good habits ( daily-life), which will lead you 100 percent to live happily life. For instance, stop drinking alcohol, taking drugs,smoking these cause many problems in your life, such you can't control yourself, you get angry easily, you can't build relationships with other, you can find a job or maintain your work, people avoided you.

3: don't love a person

Loving person causes alot of problems in  your life , you become consumer not producer, you forgot about your goals , your study, and the main priorities. In addition , the love leads you to the bad habits such as alcohol...etc.

II: is happiness choice?

To answer this a question let me ask you, do you follow your mind or your heart.

1:If the mind which controls you , then the happiness is choice, which means you who decide to take an action, you who decide to live simple life with happiness, you who decide to be always in a good mood, you who decide to live as a free man , not slave to the emotions. 

2:If the heart that determines you,the happiness is not a choice, means if you are slaver to the feelings and emotions, you are not free man, you can't be happy person, you will not live a happily life because any person may break your heart at any time, you are  easily-broken-heart.

III: can money buy happiness

How may materialistic make happiness , I`d like to answer this question by providing positive ideas about how can person live happily  with money , the second which is negative of course money cannot buy happiness.

The first answer: Yes 
The money is every thing in this world, every one seeks for money, you can't find person who doesn't like materialistics, by having money your life could change 100 percent , you have everything in your hand just you need some tips to create happiness with your money.
1:  don't wastes your money in  nonsense (bullshit).
2: think about creating a project work, in which you can investe your money.
3: learn new stuffs, get intelligent people at your home, and pay them to teach you some science, languages,......your interest.
4: build relationships with other who are successful ,
5: make programs for your daily-life, never forget your life is more important than money.
6: use money with your mind not with your heart.
7: help others , make others smile(poor people) at your face, when you meet them, try to give them some attentions, this has positive impact on your body, psychology  and thinking.
8: helping charities and orphans are the core of money makes happiness.

The second answer: No
As money can create happiness, it may also create sadness in a person, if the person follows his desirres instincts, 100 percent money Will drive his heart to unsatisfied things.
We hear stories about many people how money corrupted their hearts, make them un-human, we hear alawys this.
Some examples on how money create sadness, and un-happiness , for instance, the most rich people and their sons have bad  history with the police investigations,
You read in newspaper , for example famous footballer Ronoldou is in prison because of prostitution, the police officer catch rich man with teen girl....etc
If you look at thes real examples or others , you will find that people follow their desires, and they have destroyed , their families, they ruin their dignity and honor.

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